Welcome to the home page of The Southern Slavic Federation.

The Southern Slavic Federation (SSF) is a fictional Federation in the game called Cold Wars, which can be found HERE .

The SSF consists of Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, Yugoslavia is a Scoalist state whilst Bulgaria is a Monarchy, both work in harmony and their motto "Strength through Unity" is reflected though their work and the ethnic communities that make up both countries. Currently the leaders of these countries are:

Yugoslavia: Marshal Josip Tito

Bulgaria: King Simon II

Marshal Tito is he President of the Federation and HM King Simon is the Vice President, between them they run and control the Federation on a daily basis. There is a Cabinet of the Federation made up of both nations ministers these are :


The SSF is also a member of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), with Marshal Tito being elected the Head of NAM for the next 2 years. The NAM badge is:


Current members of NAM are: Australia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, The Phillipines and the SSF.


Below is a link to the Belgrade Star my newspaper: